Glamour shots for your house?

5 reasons to stage your home in the Robbinsville and Princeton area.


1.       You get what you give

When selling a home, everyone wants to maximize the value they get out of their transaction. So when your Realtor tells you to start spending money to prepare the home for sale, it seems counter-intuitive.  However, I’m here to tell you that spending a little bit of cash to properly market your property will give you exceptional return on your investment.  

In fact, when sellers spend an average of 1% of the value of their home on staging, they see an average 1000% return on investment. Not only will they statistically sell for a higher price, but staged homes sell 72% faster when compared to unstaged homes.  

And If you are selling your home in a desirable locale such as Robbinsville or Princeton, the most important piece of the puzzle is already in place: location.  Now all you have to do is be smart about how you appeal to buyers.  Staging is an essential part of this marketing process.


2.       Your house is a pair of jeans:

Buyers are “trying on” your home.  When a home is properly staged, buyers can more clearly visualize and imagine themselves living there.  Staging is like getting glamour shots at the mall.  Yeah, you look pretty amazing with a righteous perm and a feather boa , but you probably don’t look like that on a regular basis.  Nevertheless, glamour shots are a fun way to say, “hey check out how great I can look when I’m all done up.”  In the same light, staging provides the buyer with that same done-up look to help them visualize the maximum potential your home has to offer.  The buyer knows that once they put their own stuff in it will look differently, but always remember that you are selling your home on an emotional level.


3.       “Hold on let me fix my hair.”

Do you take selfies before rolling out of bed in the morning?  Probably not.  People generally want to look good for photos. So before you post those photos of your house, think to yourself, “hold on let me fix my hair,” and give your house a facelift that is going to maximize its appeal. Using 21st century internet marketing can help you reach a wider audience, but if the photos and video are unappealing then what’s the point?  Staging and professional photography solves this problem and maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing.   


4.       Selling your house is a competition.

Here’s a scary thought for you:  If you want your home to sell, you have to be smarter than the competition.  It helps to have the best home in the neighborhood for an awesome price, but even if you’re not the best in your neighborhood, there are things you can do to give yourself better odds.  View your listing as a competition.  Like the old saying goes, "hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."  Don’t be the only home on a buyer’s prospect list that isn’t staged properly.  Buyers out there are looking at a variety of homes.  If they’re interested in your home along with three others, and yours is the only one that isn’t staged, which one will they eliminate first?   


5.       Speak the buyer's language and woo them.

Buyers are emotional.  Sure, they may look at objective items such as how new the A/C unit is, or the cost of property tax, the school system and so on, but understand that buyers are going to buy the home that they “love.”  So speak their love-language.  Treat your home like you’re going on a first date.  Get clean.  Put on your best outfit and make sure the house smells nice.  Appeal to buyers’ emotions.  Staging does this at an almost scientific level.  Now that you know that staging is an essential part of selling your home, check out my article on some free, highly effective staging you can do yourself, here.


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