As a former teacher myself, I understand that teaching is a noble but at times under-appreciated profession. Which is why I started the #ThankATeacher Rebate Program, in which educators may be eligible to receive a rebate of up to $1000 after the sale or purchase of a home.  

Here's how the program works:

  1. Demonstrate current employment as a teacher, administrator, staff or other full time position with ID for current school year and two most recent pay stubs.
  2. I must be your representing Realtor in the purchase or sale of a home. Rentals do not apply.
  3. You will receive up to $1000* back after the purchase or sale of a home after closing. Rebate is 10% of the Realtor commission after applicable fees have been applied. 

*Rebate is 10% of the final Realtor commission after the purchase or sale of a home, up to $1000 after all applicable fees have been deducted. Applicable fees may include: commission splits, broker fees, and other miscellaneous administrative charges. 

If you are an educator and you, or someone you knw are thinking about buying or selling, please call, text, or email me to take advantage of this offer.