First Time Home Buyers

Hey, I am currently putting together a monthly newsletter designed specifically for millennials and first time home buyers.  I bought my first home last year and I wish I hadn't been left to my own devices to figure out how the process works,  If you're interested you can expect to receive an email once a month on real estate information pertinent to our age group.  Each newsletter will be full of great information that will help you out as you begin to "adult."  Sample topics include:

  • Differences between types of mortgages,  
  • How interest rates can dramatically affect the overall cost of your home.
  • Cost of renting vs cost of buying a home, over time.
  • Financial literacy in the home buying process.
  • What to look for in your first home.
  • How they work: HOA fees, taxes and escrow accounts
  • Your rights as a renter


9.28.2014 (1).jpg

If you think this newsletter would benefit someone you know, please share this URL.  Building this list would help me out a lot.   And as always, if you need help finding a home or have any questions about real estate please call, text or email me. I'd be happy to help you out!